Are Prescription Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses the same

Are Prescription Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses the same


Eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions are separate because both are positioned differently in front of your eyes. Contact lenses rest directly over your iris, whereas eyeglass lenses are aligned approximately 12 millimeters away from your eyes. The prescriptive power of contact lenses will be slightly less nearsighted in comparison to eyeglasses.

Are Prescription Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses the same

The answer to your question “Are Contact Lens and Eyeglass Prescriptions the Same?” is that you will need two different prescriptions if you want to wear contact lenses and eyeglasses both.


Difference of contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions

Both eyeglass prescription and contact lens prescription states the lens power required for a refractive inaccuracy to correct myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism, and hyperopia (long-sightedness). It is that degree of refractive flaw the powers mentioned on your contact lens prescription may differ greatly than eyeglass prescription.


Contact lens prescriptions have additional information as regard to your eyes that are not included in eyeglass prescriptions. These are only determined on extensive contact lens exam by your eye care practitioner. It includes:


Base Curve

Base curve (BC) is the inner surface area of the contact lens. The appropriate base curve is measured by the shape of the cornea to produce proper fitting that is not sloppy or inflexible, but to fit comfortably on your cornea.



Contact lens diameter specifies how the lens fits, along with the lens dimension and the base curve. There are two main types of contact lenses namely “soft contact lenses” and “Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP)”. In most cases, the diameter of soft contact lenses differs from the diameter of RGP lenses. Mainly because RGP contact lenses are thinner than soft contact lenses.


Lens brand, material, and color

In the United States, contact lens prescriptions always express a brand name. The retailer must sell you the exact same brand or none. However, in the case of a private label, any other national brand or private-label may be used. The color is included if contact lens changes or enhance eye color. If you require any special effects contacts, a particular design would be stated. The material is important to be focused upon because each material provides a specific degree of permeability (Breathability – How much oxygen is provided to the cornea). This is also important if you wear contacts for longer periods or fall asleep wearing your contacts, or if you want special kind of extended wear contact lenses.


Expiration date

Typically, a contact lens prescription is valid for one year. You will have to revisit your eye practitioner for another exam when your prescription expires before you purchase another pair of contact lenses. Eyeglasses prescriptions under the FDA and state law expire after around two years.


Right to attain contact lens prescription

You are rightfully entitled to a copy of your contact lens prescription. But a contact lens prescription cannot be produced before extensive lens exam or contact lens adjustment by your eye practitioner, and he has reached a final verdict. If your eye practitioner does not provide you the prescription after exam then it is against the law and he would be liable for misconduct and for further information you can visit here.


Contact lens prescription is not for anyone

Some people with eyeglasses cannot wear contact lenses successfully because of conditions including dry eyes or blepharitis (common eyelid inflammation that sometimes is associated with a bacterial eye infection) can make contact lens risky to wear. Even with no damaging conditions one might have sensitive cornea and cannot adapt to wearing them.

Also, contact lens prescription written by a licensed eye practitioner is required even for non-prescription Plano contact lenses to change your eye appearance. Contact lenses are medical devices and selling them without prescription is illegal.





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